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Thank you for your interest in teaching for the JMU Lifelong Learning Institute. 

Please fill out the following course planning form in its entirety.  This information is required for scheduling and promoting your course. Submissions are reviewed and approved by the Curriculum Committee, a group of volunteer members who serve as program planners.

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If an instructor wants additional information made available, it can be posted on the program website in full by emailing a request to

About JMU Lifelong Learning:

The James Madison University Lifelong Learning Institute is dedicated to enriching adult learners' intellectual and social lives by offering stimulating non-credit educational opportunities. 

Courses are taught by outstanding university faculty and guest lecturers. Classes are designed to broaden student understanding of diverse cultural, societal, scientific, and global issues. Lifelong learning students are energetic and engaged learners who enrich classroom discussions through sharing knowledge gleaned from life and career experiences.

The Institute is a membership-based organization that also provides members opportunities in social interaction, volunteer engagement, leadership, and group travel. 
Terms & Conditions Agreement:

I understand that instructors are prohibited from endorsing any business or promoting business development within classes.
Instructors receive an honorarium of $35 per instructional hour. This payment is made after course completion and is divided among co-presenters, if applicable.

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